Business Models for Startups

The main objective of this course is to expose you to the best contemporary ways of business model creation and allow you to test your ideas developing new business based on the technologies we will be learning in class. You will be given deep insight into the nature of business models, describing traditional and bleeding-edge models and their dynamics, innovation techniques, how to position your model within an intensely competitive landscape, and how to lead the redesign of your own organization’s business model.
Team Organization: This class is team-based. Working and studying will be done in teams. Team projects can be software, physical product, or service of any kind. The teams will self-organize and establish individual roles on their own. Just the constant parsing and allocating of the tasks that need to be done.
Suggested Projects: While your first instinct may be a web-based startup we suggest that you consider a subject in which you are a domain expert, such as your graduate research. In all cases, you should choose something for which you have passion, enthusiasm, and hopefully some expertise.

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Criatividade e Inovação

Formar para a criatividade e a inovação. Aprender a praticar a mudança de comportamento para ser mais criativo. Aproveitar bem as ideias acertando mais rápido e melhor nas ações de viabilização das mesmas, transformando-as em inovação

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